About Us

About Us

Since 1998, Professional Claims Link, a Florida-based corporation, has been providing physicians with outstanding medical billing services. PCL has one goal in mind for our clients: collect every penny each doctor is entitled to once medical services have been rendered. We do not throw away money by writing off funds that are difficult to collect. We put in the hard work needed to get in every penny of your hard-earned money. Unlike the other guy, we won't write off medical claims just to avoid lengthy appeals and countless phone calls to insurance company representatives. Our medical billing specialists will fight for your money on every claim filed. PCL always works with our physician's office staff to create a relationship that demonstrates our commitment to the doctors' best interests.

A common practice in the industry of "creaming the top" occurs when medical billing companies file claims and merely input and accept whatever comes in as final adjudication, which usually includes writing off or ignoring thousands of dollars in collectible debt. Our medical billing company will never behave in this manner. If an insurance claim is filed we will collect the contracted payment for the service it represents. At PCL, we also do not tolerate the never ending refund requests from healthcare insurance carriers' audit departments by simply refunding the money requested just because it is requested. PCL reviews every request for an insurance payment refund for the validity and legality of the claim. Professional Claims Link will always fight hard with national and Florida healthcare insurers to protect your hard-earned money. When it comes to medical billings and healthcare claims, our clients are often complemented by insurance industry representatives for the low number (approximately 1/10th of 1 percent) of claim denials for their practice.

PCL has also developed relationships with key insurance personnel throughout Florida's healthcare industry. The professional contacts we've made provide our staff with support for problem claims adjudication and keep us informed of procedural changes within each insurance company. Billing to specific insurance carrier's requirements is essential in moving your healthcare claims quickly through the system. We pride ourselves on being a knowledge base for the Jacksonville medical community. In fact, PCL offers complete training programs for physicians and their staff, helping them collect the information needed for successful medical billing.

An Authority on OB/GYN Medical Billing

Although we provide medical billing services to many different medical specialties, over the past decade, we have become an authority on medical billing for Obstetrics and Gynecology. A simple error in benefits verification can cost a physician a lot of money when it comes to Obstetrics. Overworked office personnel have been known to miss the fact that a patient may not have provisions for Obstetrics in their healthcare insurance plan. If a mistake of this nature continues to go unnoticed until after the delivery claim is denied, the OB/GYN doctor may never collect a penny for any of their antepartum and delivery services. That's why Professional Claims Link is committed to providing the very best in medical billing services from the initial patient encounter to complete adjudication of all collectible charges.

Please continue to browse the Professional Claims Link website and click on our Methodology page to learn more about how PCL's services far exceed those of other Florida medical billing companies.