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Providing Medical Billing Services In Florida And Nationwide

Professional Claims Link provides outstanding Florida medical billing services, as well as billing services nationwide.  Medical Billing Services including insurance claim filing and follow-up, payment posting, patient billing and collections, for doctors and medical offices across Florida and the United States.  To speak directly with a medical billing specialist, give us a call today at 855-483-5100. PCL also provides new Practice Setup Services, including credentialing, contract negotiations, Accounts Receivable auditing and staff training.

Many physicians truly believe that a large A/R is "Security." However, in reality, it's just money left on the table. The most effective use of your money is having it in your bank account, not building up your accounts receivable due to unworked claims. If your office or medical billing company is currently writing off claims as uncollectable, you need to speak with a representative at Professional Claims Link. Our clients' greater than 30 days accounts receivables are typically less than 4/10th of 1%, which is generally unheard of amongst Florida medical billing companies. With PCL, the great majority of payment for your claims will be deposited in your bank account less than 30 days from the time the medical services are provided.

PCL Will Fight to Get Your Medical Claims Paid

When you select Professional Claims Link for your medical billing services, you can feel confident that collecting your hard earned money is our number one priority. We handle all claims with your best interest in mind, after all, we don't get paid unless you do. Rather than just "write off" problematic healthcare claims, our staff follows strict guidelines and utilizes the latest technologies to ensure all payable claims, are paid. Don't leave your medical practice's money on the table just because your staff doesn't have the time to "fight the good fight" with healthcare insurance companies. PCL has the time and experience that it takes to get your medical claims paid.

As a doctor or medical office manager, it can be frustrating to provide medical services and not get paid properly. If this is happening to your medical practice, you need to contact Professional Claims Link to find out why we're the best medical billing company in Florida. We understand the process begins with patient scheduling and ends with depositing collections in your bank account. Let us show you how our hard work, knowledge, experience and use of the latest medical technologies can minimize your medical accounts receivable and optimize your bank account.

Thank you for visiting our website and please continue to browse our Methodology and Services sections to find out how PCL's two decades of experience can put your money in your bank account.

We would like to say a few words about Professional Claims Link and their President, Kathy Barnes. If you have an Ob/Gyn practice in town you absolutely need her services. PCL has done more for our productivity and receipts then anything else. PCL increased our income by well over 17% as compared to our inhouse billing. It's hard to argue with increasing your productivity by over 17%. PCL and Kathy go after "every available dime" for your practice, whether it's from the insurance companies or outstanding patient balances. We have known and worked with Kathy and PCL for nine years and have always known her to be personable, strong and intelligent. PCL represents us with the aggressiveness needed while always maintaining the utmost professionalism. We have never received a single complaint about PCL from any of our patients. Hiring PCL was the best business decision we made in regards to our medical billing. In case you haven't noticed, my wife and I are her biggest fans.

— David Derbabian M.D./Michelle A. McLanahan, M.D.

PCL has been providing medical billing services for this practice for 18 years.